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Civil Law Page Top PicProperty Cases – Disputes about property are common.  Whether the issue is property boundaries, sales of property, adverse possession, fence lines, property lines, cattle grazing, damage to property, foreclosure or estate planning issues, property law is a complicated and difficult area of the law.  You deserve a fair and trustworthy law firm with the experience and know how to be sure your rights are protected. We handle all types of property law at Miller Law Firm in Lebanon, Missouri.  Please call and set up a free consultation today or use the form provided on this page for a quick response by email.

Landlord and Tenant Law – Has your tenant failed to pay rent or are they trashing your property?  Is your tenant refusing to leave the property?  Do you need to re-write your lease to make sure your property and your rights are protected?  Being a landlord is not easy.  It is a demanding and legally complicated business and you deserve a competent and trustworthy legal team behind you.  With the increase in profitability of rental housing we’ve seen a large uptick in the number of property managers in the area.  In order to stay competitive, you need to achieve two main goals 1) maximize profit from renters and 2) minimize costs due to tenant problems.  Our firm is well versed in ensuring that your rental agreements are rock solid, that your rights are protected, and that your costs are kept to a minimum.  Please contact Miller Law Firm today for your free consultation.  We represent many property management companies and have had great success in achieving the goals of those clients.

Civil Law Page Legal Pad PicEstate Planning and Probate – No one wants to leave turmoil behind them when they pass away.  Far too often we see families struggle with a loved one’s estate after a passing and often times that struggle could have been completely avoided with a little pre-planning.  Our goals in estate planning are simple: keep property out of probate, make the transition of property as smooth and painless as possible, make sure at all times that the wishes of our clients are seen to after their passing, minimize tax problems for the heirs.  Please do yourself and your family a favor and take the time to plan out your estate before the time comes.  We do living wills, wills, powers of attorney, trusts, testamentary trusts, deeds and beneficiary deeds, financial planning and any other probate matter.  Please us contact today for your free consultation.

General Lawsuit – “For every wrong there is a remedy.”  That is a fancy way of saying that if you’ve been wronged, the law will provide for it to be made right.  While this may not always seem true, when someone does you wrong, you deserve to have a competent and trustworthy legal team look into the matter for you.  Did you pay someone to fix your car and they fail to get the job done?  Does someone owe you money for work you’ve performed?  Did someone defraud you in a purchase?  Are you the victim of a bait and switch?  Wrongful termination? Harassment?  All too often we let these problems start and snowball into something that is more difficult to deal with.  Please consult Miller Law Firm in Lebanon, Missouri today for a free meeting to discuss your case.


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